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Equipment for hiking with pack donkeys or trail riding

Big Panniers

The panniers are made of a resistant and waterproof material (tarpaulin combined with leather). They have a donkey-body-friendly shape - narrower at bottom - and also many practical side pockets: for bottles on the sides, smaller pockets for cell phone, wallet, etc. in the front , and a transparent pocket for hiking maps on the top. Leather straps allow for quick and easy handling. The panniers can be attached to the donkey saddle from our offer, as well as on other pack-saddles or Western riding saddles. The panniers are equipped with reflective tapes.
Price 185 € / 1 Pannier
Donkey Equipment

Small saddle handbag

The small saddle bag can be easily and quickly buckled to the back or front of the saddle. Outside and inside the bag has even smaller pouch for keys, cell phone, etc. The bag is waterproof and equipped with a reflective tape.
Price 35 €

Bottle holder for a saddle

0.5 liter water bottle holder, easyly to be attached to the saddle. Ideal for trail riders. The bottle holder is equipped with a reflective tape.
Price 18 €
Donkey Equipment

Rain cover for donkeys

Very light material that is completely waterproof. The rain jacket weighs almost nothing and it can be very easily attached to the saddle. Normal size is for donkeys with 105-135 cm height at withers, the rain cover may also be ordered in small size (up to 105cm at the withers) or large (from 135 cm height at the withers). The rain cover you be used without a saddle as well as on the saddle.
Price 35 €
Donkey Equipment

Sheep fur for saddle

Made of genuine sheep fur, very comfortable to sit on, perfectly suitable for trail riding. Suitable for the saddle from our offer or other McClellan saddle types.
Price 75 €
Donkey Equipment

Handle for children

Children Handle for secure hold. Made of leather.
Price 25 €
Donkey Equipment

Think saddle pad

Hand made very thick saddle blanket with fake fur in donkey size, extent 60 x 60 cm. Different colors. Washable in washing machine.
Price 55 €
Donkey Equipment

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