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Saddle Donkey Training

A commented training of our saddle donkey Matyi.

Off-Road Donkey Vili

Extreme Trail Riding with a donkey in Austria. 6 years old Vili is demonstrating donkeys natural talents. I have trained Vili as a riding donkey since he was 4.

Donkey and Drunk Cowboy Comedy Act

Donkey Matyi and Judita van den Berg from EseReich performing a funny comedy act on the annual riding show in Mariazell, Austria

Trick Riding with Donkeys

Donkey Stunt Riding with Matyi and Bodya. Cossack Style Riding with Donkeys.

Donkey Matyi - Show at Braschlhof

Riding performance at Braschlhof on June 21st, 2014.
Donkey and Belly Dance Theme.

Donkey Bodya - liberty riding

Riding with donkey Bodya without bit, halter or reins. Just based on mutual trust.

Parodie auf Epic Split

EselReich made a remake of the famous Volvo Trucks commercial with Van Damme. The Original Epic Split:

Galloping Donkeys

We made this video because lots of people don't even know donkeys can gallop this fast. Our donkeys at EselReich play these galloping games very often, just out of fun - they really enjoy their lives

Winter at EselReich

Moments recorded in winter 2011/2012 at EselReich. Donkey Winter Games - our donkeys are outside throughout the whole year while having free access to the stall.