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Extreme Trail with Donkeys

Extreme Trail

Extreme Trail - that's a climbing fun park for donkeys. The first and only Extreme Trail Park for donkeys worldwide is in EselReich.

With Extreme Trail you overcomme obstacles as they are in the wild nature - stream crossings, wooden footbridges, catwalks and stairways, trunks, suspension bridges or an artificial waterfall, steep slopes and other. All these obstacles can be found in our park.

It makes great fun and it's a real challenge to lead the donkeys over all obstacles.

All guests will get their own donkey, which will stay with them for all the day. If the obstacle challenge will be too much at one moment, you just make one or more breaks and stroke or feed your donkey.

If you attend the Extreme Trail course, you will learn the handling of the donkeys and spend a great day with the donkey entrusted to you. You will get to know your donkey and try to win his confidence. And you will enjoy a lot of fun with donkeys.

See dates for Extreme Trail courses right up on this page and book your participation in time.

The Extreme Trail course is suitable for beginners who have not yet made any donkey experience, as well as for advanced donkey leader because there are many obstacles of different levels of difficulty.

Extreme Trail is also ideal as a private event for groups, for example for companies or schools. Divided into small teams you can fully enjoy extraordinary donkey competitions..

Guests with their own donkey or pony are also welcome to try our Donkey Trail Park.

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