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Company Events & Teambuilding activities

Company Events with Donkeys

EselReich offers original and unique company outings or teambuilding activities.

Spend a few relaxing days with your team in the Austrian Alps with donkeys in EselReich. Choose from the original outdoor activities with donkeys from our offer or set out for a group hike with donkeys.

Team building activities with donkeys are rich in great encounters and funny moments, but also reflective experiences. Learn how to motivate donkeys!

Watch the team spirit and cooperation in the harmonious functioning donkey herd. Learn a few tricks from the herd leader, donkey Bali, which manages her herd in a completely natural, non-confrontational way. Do you also have such a natural respect of your team, as donkey Bali of her herd?

Who will take the lead during a challenging mountain hike or a tricky task, you or your donkey? Will you and your donkey manage to mutually respect your roles in order to utilize the best of both of you, to achieve the goal?

Check out our wide range of group activities with donkeys and the group flat rates

Our Tip: Campfire in EselReich with baked fresh mountain trout, along with competitions where you learn how to motivate (not only) donkeys.