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All day tours

Donkey Trekking in the Alps

A day tour takes about 7-9 hours. There are different routes depending on the difficulty to choose from. All tours are with an experienced guide who will help you if needed.

First, you will get your donkey and your first task will be to brush him. Then the guide will saddle up your donkey and he will explain to you in English, how to lead and manage a donkey. Every donkey gets a saddle with two panniers for your personal accessories and supplies.

For each tour booking in advance is required. Children can take part in all day tours from 9 years of age. For small children, please book an individual donkey tour.

The donkey trekking tours are always in small groups with maximally 5 donkeys and they are always quided by an experienced person.

For descriptions and more information on individual tours, please click on the tour name:

Fallenstein Tour - moderate

Schöneben Tour - moderate

Eiblbauer Tour - easy

Höhenreithalm Tour - difficult

Have you found no suitable date? Please call us to arrange another tour.

Next to the standard all day tours, we offer individual all day tours. The tours below can be booked only as individual tours:

Erlaufsee Tour - easy to moderate

Hubertusee Tour - easy