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School trips to EselReich

Donkey Trekking in the Alps

School classes are welcome to spend a colorful, fun and educational half day in the donkey empire EselReich.

Children will be divided into small teams. Each of these teams will take care of a their own donkey. First, the children's team has to clean and brush the donkey, and after a brief introduction on how to lead a donkey the competition starts! One task after another has to be fulfilled.

In this competition, however, it's not about who will be the fastest, but it's all about team collaboration and cooperation with the donkey. And that is not always easy.

Recommended number of participants is not more than 30 children with at least two adult attendants. For larger groups we recommend to divide the participants into two different terms.

Schools take advantage from the group flat rates. For more terms from one school we will offer you further discounts.