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Donkey Saddle Caliburro

Donkey Saddle

The first professional riding saddle with a saddle tree specially designed for donkeys. Handmade leather saddle developed to fit donkey's back. The ideal fit is based to our experience. The implementation is in professional tournament quality.

We took an old California saddle tree as a template, and improved it to fit the Donkey's back:
We shortened the bars to 21‘‘
we made the saddle tree of laminate, thus reducing the weight
we made the saddle tree narrower and slightly higher, to adapt it to the back of a donkey

This Donkey Riding saddle is suitable for anyone who wants to ride a lot with a donkey or mule, it is also suitable for riding on a professional level in Western Riding Sports. It offers a comfortable feeling for the rider, but especially for the donkey, because due to its unique development for donkey's back it allows them loose and free movement at all gaits and in tight turns.

The saddle is ideal for donkeys from 115 cm (45 inches) at the withers, that is for big or bigger standard donkeys.

The price including Breeching, cinch and stirrups is € 1,260. Fitting is possible at EselReich or on events in which we participate.

Donkey Saddle McClellan

Donkey Saddle

Saddle McClellan is ideal for riding as well as a pack-saddle, thanks to a perfect stability and the hollow space on top of the saddle, which is used to hang large panniers.

It is a successful replica of the known type McClellan saddle, which has been used by the U.S. cavalry for horses and mules for decades.

The McClellan saddle tree (short and narrow stock saddle type) allows this saddle to fit the most of the donkeys.

The saddle is ideal for donkeys from 100 cm to 135 cm (40 to 53 inches) at the withers. Suitable for all amateur Donkey Riders or Pack Donkey hikers.

Price per saddle with all accessories (retention straps - breeching, cinch, stirrups and stirrup leathers) is € 710

Hint: Visit us with your donkey or borrow the saddle from us, so that you can try it right on your donkey!

Check our Fotogallery or the movies to see more pictures of both saddle types .

Due to the small enterprise regulations we pay no VAT.

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