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Donkey Rides

Donkey Rides

Children or persons weighing up to 52 kg can ride on the donkey.

The donkey ride takes place on the farm premises. The parents of the child who rides the donkey lead the donkey on a leash by themselves. Under the guidance of an experienced person from EselReich, you can also ride the donkey by yourself at our riding arena.

While donkey riding, the instructions of the person in charge are to be followed without exception. For children a helmet is required, we ask you to bring your own helmet with you (riding helmet or bicycle helmet).

Up to 5 donkeys at the same time can be in use.

See actual dates for your donkey riding appointment. If you book 3 donkeys or more, individual dates are possible.

Half day ride takes about 4 hours including a break in the garden restaurant in the village of Mooshuben. This ride can be combined with a standard half-day pack donkey hike. We go comfortably only in a walk pace, the route is easy, sometimes with a slight to medium incline. The child can ride approximately a half of the tour. The half day donkey ride is suitable only for children over 6 years.

For each tour booking in advance is required.

In an individual tour to Hubertussee with 2 donkeys allows us due to a very modest route that the children can either ride all the time or lead the donkeys on a leash by themselves.