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Donkey Training Courses


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Donkey Training and Care
Duration: 4 days, Price: 210 € / Person

You will learn everything essential about donkey needs and the natural care of donkeys and the basics of donkey training.

All our donkeys are available for practical exercises. You will learn the basics of donkey leadership and ground work, the principles of communication with donkeys, and you will become acquainted with different donkey characters and temperaments.

The course is composed of a theoretical and a practical part. Each participant receives a printed script that we developed for this course.

Extreme Trail Course Extreme Trail Course
Duration: 1 day, Price: 80 € / Person

To overcome various obstacles and agility training - this is a discipline that prepares the donkey for hiking in nature. You will learn how to overcome obstacles of different levels of difficulty with the donkeys. From stream crossings, simple bridges to suspension bridges and waterfalls. In EselReich Extreme Trail facility, there are numerous and unique obstacles to overcome.

All our donkeys are available for the participants, but you can also come with your own donkey or pony. Especially donkeys that have problems to walk over water crosses or bridges are encouraged to participate on this course, so that we can help you to solve this problem.

Donkey Muscle Building and Gymnasticise
Duration: 2 days, Price: 160 € / Person

Practical work with the donkeys with priorities - Muscle Building, Gymnasticise, Gait work and work with the pace, Straightness, Work with Donkeys in a Round Pen.

BAll our donkeys are available for the participants, so that you can become acquainted with different donkey characters and temperaments. You can also visit this course with your own donkey, or the course may be held at other stables (from 5 users) upon request.

Donkey Riding Basics - Theory
Duration: 1 day, Price 35 € / Person

A structured theoretical overview of the basics of donkey riding training. The focus is on the differences between ridinng the donkeys compared to horses and what we need specifically to make a riding donkey - from both the physical and mental side of the donkey.

This course can be held on request from 10 participants at other locations.

Donkey Riding Course

Donkey Riding - Practical Lessons
Duration: individually, Price 30 € / hour

We will lead you through the process of starting your donkey to ride, making it a reliable riding animal up to training more advanced exercises. This course is held individually by request and can be performed in EselReich as well as in other stables.

It is advisable to divide this course into shorter units, because after each unit you get elaborate exercises to work independently.

Applications and more detailed information by email or phone.

All courses can be conducted in English language on request and also in other locations or countries by covering the travel costs of the trainer.

Donkey Training and Care

Extreme Trail

Donkey Muscle Building and Gymnasticise

Donkey Riding Basics - Theory

Donkey Training Course