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Donkey Training Courses


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Donkey Training and Care

Duration: 4 days, Price: 270 € / Person

You will learn everything essential about donkey needs and the natural care of donkeys and the basics of donkey training.

All our donkeys are available for practical exercises. You will learn the basics of donkey leadership and ground work, the principles of communication with donkeys, and you will become acquainted with different donkey characters and temperaments.

The course is composed of a theoretical and a practical part. Each participant receives a printed script that we developed for this course.

Groundwork with Donkeys I

Duration: 2 days, Price: 160 € / Person

Esel Kurs

Ground work is the basis of donkey training.

The course emphasizes the easy guidance on the lead rope and avoiding the typical problems, such as pulling on the lead rope, disobedience or trust problems with obstacles.

We do ground work games and tasks with the donkeys, each participant himself under the guidance of the trainer. All EselReich donkey are available for the participants to practice.

The easy handling of the donkey on the lead rope is the basis for any further training such as muscle building training or riding the donkey.

We practice communication with the donkey, work with the pace, direction, turns and confidence.

For the participants, all our donkeys are available, but you can also participate with your own donkey or pony. Donkeys who have problems crossing water or bridges learn to overcome this problem together with their owners.

Groundwork with Donkeys II

Duration: 2 days, Price: 160 € / Person

This course builds on the acquired knowledge of the Groundwork I course.

Main topics - changing gaits and working with the donkeys' tempo, working with the donkeys in the round pen, building muscle, doing gymnastics, straightening. Preparation training for the later riding of the donkey.

Our work is based on the methods of true horse whisperers Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance. In our opinion, this non-violent method with great understanding of how the horse thinks and feels, has proved to be the best method for donkeys as well.

Working with a flag in the round pen or in liberty is something that will bring every donkey owner far ahead in his training. After several years of experience with over 20 trained donkeys we have adapted these great training methods of the above mentioned horsemanship legends to the more slow-paced temperament of the donkeys.

For the participants, all EselReich donkeys are available, so that they can learn how to work with different donkey temperaments. You can also participate with your own donkey or pony.

The Course Groundwork II is held either separately or sometimes at the same date as Groundwork I, where one group - the Beginner - are doing Groundwork I and the Advanced Group does Groundwork II.

Donkey Riding Course

Duration: individual, Price: 160 € / half day per Person (during the weekdays)
for 2 or more persons: Price: 160 € / per Person
for 3 or more persons also weekend or national/bank holiday possible

How is it to ride a donkey? We learn how to ride a donkey with ease. We learn tempo changes and turns without pressure and we steer with balance. We master interesting trail tasks from the saddle.

The participants will ride well-trained donkeys of EselReich. However, the rider weight for participants riding donkeys is limited to a maximum of 54 kgs (120 pounds).

Participation with your own donkey is welcome as well. Boarding of own donkey per participant during the course days is free.

The course is suitable for advanced riders as well as for beginners. The participants will work under the guidance of the trainer on individually adapted tasks.

The course is suitable for (lightweight) adults or children over 8 years.
From 2 participants we offer course dates also on request.

All courses can be conducted in English language on request and also in other locations or countries by covering the travel costs of the trainer.

Donkey Training and Care
April 19th-22nd, 2019

Groundwork with Donkeys I
April 27th-28th, 2019

Groundwork with Donkeys I and II
June 8th-9th, 2019

Groundwork with Donkeys I and II
October 12th-13th, 2019

Donkey Training and Care
October 31st - November 3rd, 2019

Donkey Riding Course
per request, can be booked individually

Boarding of your own donkey during the course days costs 10 € / day (Paddock or Box)