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Half day tours

Donkey Trekking in the Alps

A half day tour takes about 4 hours.

We meet at the farm EselReich, Halltal 37. First, you will get your donkey and your first task will be to brush him. Then the guide will saddle up your donkey and he will explain to you in English, how to lead and manage a donkey. Every donkey gets a saddle with two panniers for your personal accessories and supplies.

You get a donkey per couple or family. It is also possible to get a donkey per each person for a single person surcharge.

From EselReich we head towards the Halltal village center, and then through the forest to Mooshuben

For each tour booking in advance is required. In the case of persistent rain the scheduled tour needs to be postponed. In this case, we will contact you to arrange a new tour date.

Have you found no suitable date? Please call us to arrange another tour.