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Multifunctional Donkey Bridle

Donkey Bridle

The multifunktional bridle "EselReich" can be used as bitless bridle or as a bridle with simly removable bit. It can also be used as a halter for leading or binding the donkey. Special headband convinient for donkeys can be easy and fast opened.

Hand and Custom made from the finest leather decorated with stainless steel.

The multifunktional bridle has following functions:

Bitless bridle using the moving noseband with side rings (sidepull)
Bridle with bit the bridle can be very easily and fast removed or attached
Tie Ring and Chin Strap Thanks to tie ring and retention strap, the bridle can be used as a halter for leading and tying the donkey
Donkey-convenient headband easily removable with snap closure, protects donkey ears

Price €195.
Due to the small enterprise regulations we pay no VAT.

Donkey Bridle Donkey Bridle