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Donkey Training Center

Donkey Training

We are happy to share with you our experience and proven training methods. Donkey owners will find a wide range of services and products in EselReich.

The donkey training may be either in the form of individual lessons as a help with your own training efforts, or in the form of a comprehensive training based on our concepts.

Even if we work according to structured training concepts, the training program is always customized, depending on the future use of the donkey and the potential of the donkey owner.

Riding-donkey training in EselReich: There is a big difference between sitting on the equine's back, riding and horsemanship. We do Horsemanship with our donkeys.

Our emphasis has always been on the resulting athlete’s quality of the donkey – especially progressive development of the muscles needed to carry riders, which will protect his back from later damages.

Donkey Traininng