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Our Donkeys

Donkey Matyi


Matyi is a 11 years old donkey gelding, he is 129 cm at the withers and he is the biggest donkey in our herd.

Matyi is very strong and athletic, an excellent example of a trained work donkey.

He is a fully trained riding donkey, he even has already acted in several shows. We ride him just with a halter, no bridle, because he can be lead just with a very light contact of the reins.

He is excellent in the dressage tasks in the riding paddock and reliable on the trail.

If that alone is not enough - Matyi is a trick riding donkey, showing with his rider amazing stunt tricks! He is a real showman, he loves to show what he can do.

Matthew is very friendly and understanding donkey, but also very cautious and a bit sensitive. He always thinks a lot about everything and likes to observe things.

Matyi loves the ground work and liberty training, he likes to learn new tricks and to make interesting exercises.

Matyi doesn´t like hot wheather at all, so at hot days we have to keep him in shadow places and not let him work too much. In winter, on the other side, he likes to stay outside or lie down in the snow.

Matyi mag keine Hitze, an sehr warmen Sommertagen muss man ihn schonen.

Donkey Bali


The full name of our donkey mare Bali is actually Baletka, which means a "ballet dancer" in Czech as Bali was born in the Czech Republic.

Donkey Bali is 10 years old and measures 112 cm at the withers.

As the senior donkey mare, she is the undisputed leader of our herd.

Bali has a very quiet and balanced character. She is not afraid of anything and gives therefore a good example to the rest of the herd.

She is very friendly and social, but also very self-confident – she will show right away who's the boss.

And there is one more interesting characteristic of Bali - she has an incredible endurance and strong will. Bali is not really tired even after the longest tour or in the greatest heat!

Bali is also trained in harness to pull a sleigh in the winter.

Bali is the mother of 2 beautiful foals, the donkey mares Viera and Maja. Both foals are just like the mother - gray with beautiful drawings and very self-confident

Donkey Bodya


Bodya is a 9 years old donkey gelding, 122 cm tall at the withers.

He is the cuddly donkey of our herd, he loves to be stroked.

He is phenomenally intelligent, he is able to analyse any situation in order to find a solution the most favourable for him. On top of this, Bodya is our joker, always ready to make fun or trick somebody out.

Bodya is our strongest donkey. He is sturdily built with perfect proportions and strong muscles.

He is a fully trained riding donkey and he really enjoys riding and other sports such as hiking, running or jumping over obstacles.

However, Bodya is more suited to a strong or experienced person, because you really need to be able to convince him. With less consistent visitors, Bóďa usually just takes the lead. To master Bodya is nothing for weak nerves.

A certain coziness of Bodya may be related to his high intelligence. Anyway, he always tries to fulfill all tasks with as little energy as possible. His leasure-slow-pace trot and canter is quite a spectacle.

If you want to learn to become a good donkey trainer, you should definitely try to work with Bodya.

He manages to trick even the best trainers. His spiritual ability to think ahead and take your actions is becoming legendary. So he forces us to constantly expand and improve our own collection of training ideas.

Donkey Vili


Vili is an almost 9 years old donkey gelding, he is 115 cm tall at the withers.

He is the fastest donkey of our herd!

Vili has a very strong and muscular figure - a real athletic donkey.

Vili represents the rebel of our donkey herd, he is sometimes pretty wild and unbridled. Though at the same time is he a little bit shy.

You need to win his trust first - but once you do so, you just found a perfect friend and companion for your hiking tour.

Vili can withstand absolutely any physical strain - he is a super-endurance donkey, not even the most difficult and long tour ever can make him tired. There will be always enough energy left to him for fighting with other donkeys on the pasture.

Also Vili is a trained riding donkey. He is a great talent, very motivated to work.

He has already participated in several riding courses - a little donkey Vili between big horses. And he's also been to some riding or funny shows.

Strong, tough, willing to work – he is a real treasure for anyone who has the donkey not to cuddle, but to work and sports. Because Vili thinks that cuddling is not for the big boys like him.

Donkey Dani


Dani is an almost 9 years old donkey gelding. He is 124 cm tall at the withers.

Dani is much calmer than his two brothers, Vili and Dodo. By his nature, he is very balanced and patient.

Dani is always very interested in his surrounding, he is an excellent observer. He learns very fast and he loves doing exercises, especially all kinds of trotting, galloping and jumping exercises.

Dani, the same as donkey Gala, can be easily managed even by weak and inexperienced leaders, because also he is not a dominant donkey and he will adapt himself well to you.

He loves it to be led by children and to perform tasks with them during the donkey games. His team is traditionally always on one of the winning places during these competitions.

Dani is easily frightened and he prefers to go out together with other donkeys because then he feels much safer.

Also Dani is a trained riding donkey. His advantage is especially high speed in canter and a steady trot.

Dani resembles his uncle Matyi like the spitting image of him.

Donkey Dodo


Dodo is a 9 old donkey gelding. He is 108 cm tall at the withers.

Dodo is very empathetic and he is utterly playful. His favourite games are especially fighting with his rebellious brother Vili, galloping like crazy or playing the tag (he is the one you can not catch).

Despite his vitality, Dodo used to be often lead on the leash even by very small children, because he behaves really perfect during the donkey tours. He likes children really a lot.

Although Dodo is slightly smaller than our other donkey boys, he has been trained as a riding donkey as well, because he is a strong, well-built athlete.

We first started to train him as a sleigh donkey together with our mares Bali and Gala, but Dodo decided he did not want to pull the sleigh but to become a saddle donkey like the other guys.

If Dodo does not like something, then he lets us know that very clearly.

He finds riding exercises very interesting, it´s fun for him. Besides the hikes, of course, because that is the main occupation of all our donkeys.

By the way, Dodo is a very intelligent donkey. Some of his ideas are not up to the ideas of our inventive donkey Bodya.

Donkey Gala


Gala is a 9 years old donkey mare, she is 108 cm tall at the withers.

Gala has a very extraordinary colour - fully black, without the donkey specific light signs on the nose and around the eyes. Donkeys of such colour used to be sought-after by the smugglers in the past.

Gala is very vigorous and active, she can gallop like a black arrow. Most of the times it is Gala who provokes the wild galloping rounds of our donkey herd on the pasture.

During the hiking tours, Gala behaves really well and quiet. She is not a dominant donkey, so that even a weak not experienced person can manage her on the leash without any problem.

Gala loves especially short and medium-long hikes in quiet and slow pace, so she is a good donkey for nature lovers and photographers.

Gala also carries the youngest children, because it is absolutely quiet and walks slowly.

For our she-donkeys it is typical that they are very strong personalities. And even though they are really nice, it is not easy to convince them to change their minds. Still, a motivated girl’s team has achieved a victory with Gala over the other donkeys at one of our donkey games competitions!

Donkey Gala is just like Bali and Dodo trained in harness for a sleigh.

Gala is the mother of the donkey foals Karim and Tomy.

Donkey Charlie


Charlie is a 5 years old donkey gelding. He is 110 cm tall at the withers.

He was until 4 years old our breeding stallion and he is the proud father of the donkey foals Viera, Maja and Tomy.

This beautiful boy came in March 2014 to EselReich. He has already settled in well in his new herd.

Charlie was always very good at training. He is very interested in learning new things and he has learned all the basics a trekking donkey should know very quickly.

That´s why he was able to take part in the donkey hikes right away. He is always very nice and easy to lead.

Charlie is also very talented for extreme trail and ground work.

It is really fun to undertake all kind of things with such a nice and good donkey. His attention is well received and he gratefully reciprocates every affection.

Thanks to Charlie there is a lot of sport and exercise in our donkey herd. He hardly leaves the other donkeys alone, organizes canter games in the paddock and starts playful fighting again and again.

Donkey Maja


Maja is a young donkey mare, born in the summer of 2016. She is the daughter of Bali and Charlie.

Our little Maja is very curious and she is not afraid of anything. Wherever you move in the stable or on the paddock, Maja is everywhere. She loves company.

Maja has inherited the light grey color with the beautiful drawings and the dominant character from her mother Bali.

From the father Charlie she has the long shaggy hair and a well built body. She has very strong legs and a harmonious frame.

Maja is learning new things very fast and shw already goes hiking with us.

Of course, she is not allowed to carry luggage, she is still a child. Donkeys only carry loads from the age of four years in EselReich.

Donkey Tomy


Tomy is a small donkey stallion, the youngest of our donkeys. He is the son of Gala and Charlie and was born in October 2016.

Tomy is very lively and curious, he is interested in his surroundings and discovers many new things.

He is black like his mother Gala, but he has a white nose and white belly.

Tomy is a very good donkey foal, we have great pleasure with him.