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Donkeys at EselReich


Introducing our Donkeys

All of our donkeys have special training to accompany hikers and carry staff in the pack-saddles. The donkeys love going on hikes, it is always fun for both the donkeys and the people. Our donkeys are also used to carry small children on their backs.

When working with the donkeys, we attach a great importance to their welfare and health. All our donkeys regularly receive targeted muscle-building training so that they fall carrying the load or rider easily. We ride our donkeys bridle-less.

We provide our donkeys with a lifestyle that simulates as much as possible their natural environment. Our donkeys run freely on nearly 8 hectares of land, where there are not only pastures, but also numerous streams and stone corridors, which they need to overcome daily. Of course there is an open stall, which is always available to the donkeys whenever they like.

We always make sure our donkeys have enough physical exercise as it is most important for their health and fitness. Donkeys love numerous long walks, if the load they carry is moderate. To avoid overloading, we have set a load limit of a maximum of 52 kg per donkey. Inter-play in the herd is extremely important for donkeys and their proper physical and mental development. This is the reason why donkeys should always be kept in a donkey herd.

Even in winter, our donkeys need to move regularly. They get haystacks distributed in various places of the 8 ha land and they make themselves small hiking trails in the snow.

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Donkey Natural Boardinng

Donkey MatyiDonkey Bali
Donkey BodyaDonkey Gala
Donkey ViliDonkey Dani
Donkey DodoDonkey Charlie
Donkey MajaDonkey Tomy