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Donkey Adventure

Donkey Fun

Experience great activities and fun with the donkeys at the EselReich farm. You will get your own donkey and you spend an afternoon, 1 hour or 2 hours in the Donkey trail and fun area on our farm.

Based on your own preferences, you can alternatively do different activities with your donkey.

For example, you can master the Extreme Trail obstacles with your donkey in our donkey climbing park. Or you can go for a walk with the donkey on our approx. 8 ha grounds. Or you can just stroke and brush the donkeys.

Children or persons weighing up to 52 kg can ride on the donkey.

Small children can ride on a donkey, which is lead by their parents on the leash. Riding the donkey by yourself is possible under the guidance of an experienced person at the riding arena.

If you are interested, you can also learn how to train the donkeys. We can teach you a few tricks and tips. In so-called ground work, you can learn how to deal with animals and you and your donkey will have fun by doing different figures, games and tricks.

You can find current dates here. If you book 3 donkeys or more, individual dates are possible.