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Stable places in donkey natural environment

Donkey Trekking in the Alps

We offer places for donkeys in spacious open stables with windows and paddock including the free access to large pastures. The spacious open stable has 2 windows and with 2 exits in summer, in winter is the exit is equipped with plastic curtains isolating the stable against wind and cold. Open grasslands nearly 8 hectares are available for the donkeys all year round.

In EselReich we actively support the donkeys to be in move. We were inspired by the Paddock Paradise concept when establishing our pastures, so that the animals are encouraged to free and active, independent movement, all day long. In the winter we provide a large snow-free area as a paddock and training ground in one, and we also make a common walk with the whole donkey herd every day.

There is also a large box with a window for potentially sick donkeys available, as well as a working box for saddling, hooves trimming, etc.

We also offer the opportunity, to let your donkey be trained by the EselReich trainer.

Short Stable place - for donkey, horse or Mule

Travelers, hikers or pilgrims to Mariazell with their own Donkeys, Horses or Mules can use short stable places at EselReich. Pastures with open stable and hay is available, as well as a spacious stable box 6x4 m with a window