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Donkey Training


Mount donkey training - Donkey Riding

We start with the basic training by each donkey:

Muscle building and gymnasticise is the focus of our donkey training.

Every donkey, no matter if a pack donkey or a mount donkey, needs slowly to build up proper muscles to be able to carry its load. Good physical condition, muscles and flexibility increase the carrying capacity of a donkey and extend its working life.

Muscle building and gymnastics training is a prerequisite to any donkey work. We have made in recent years great experience in this field training many donkeys.

Pace and Gait change Training is also a very important part of the donkey training and you need to spend more time and effort on the pace and gaits with the donkeys than working with horses.

A light and balanced movement in all gaits and pace without compulsion is another important requirement for training mount donkeys next to muscle building and gymnastics training.


Our Riding training is based on the traditional California Riding Style (Vaquero Horsemanship). Slow and thorough work out is in the foreground of this riding training.

While we have learned good riding techniques from the best horse masters, simultaneously we developed our own method of how to modify these techniques to train mount donkeys, thanks to our great experience with many donkeys. A donkey is different from the horse physically and mentally, and we have collected special ways of working and tricks which take these differences into consideration. We also have experience solving many specific riding or behaviour problems at donkeys.

Riding California style means you steer the horse - a donkey in our case - trough the balance and very soft signals. The mount is being slowly trained without compulsion. Extensive gymnastic exercises effect a natural collection of the mount, the donkey´s centre of balance will be moved towards his hind quarters which increases its capacity and power. This results to a healthy and long life of the mount donkey and the donkey will enjoy riding.


In the California (Vaquero) Riding Style you use a Bosal (hackamore) instead of a bridle - this is a bitless rawhide bridle, which at the same time allows fast and precise signals. We warn against riding donkeys with a bite.

We acquired our qualification at the best western style riding trainers and we regularly participate with our donkeys (!) at the training clinics of Jeff Sanders - one of the best horsemen in the world.

We offer a complete training of your donkey - from the preparatory phase (muscle building and gymnasticise, ground work, pace and gait) to the extensive donkey riding training from the beginning to an advanced level. The basic training of the donkey to become a mount takes about 4 to 6 months, if you board your donkey in our training stall.

Horse riding is a team effort - in addition to training the donkey, also the rider needs a thorough riding practise. We encourage the future donkey riders to improve their own riding skills and we assist them in their effort.